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You know how convenient it is to go online and shop Amazon for a wide variety of products and merchandise from your home or office. Sites, like Priceline, Expedia, Amazon are popular because they find flights for lots of airlines and csrs from many different rental car companies – as compared to going to the individual website of one airline or car rental company. You generally know what you want to spend, these aggregators sites make it easier for you to compare and decide which option is best for you. We now bring the same convenience and principle to health insurance for small businesses. 

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In the same way you compare buying something online, we can apply this to your group health plan decision process. How? You decide to spend $XX on a product you compare similar products and decide on which one gives you the best value for your fixed  budget. Well, with us, you can do the same thing with small group health insurance plans for your company.

Our Group Health Plan Quoting Process is the Best

New Way - New Tools - Better Results

 Is your group health insurance broker using last century technology, and first generation tools to compare rates, plans and benefits? If that’s the case, then let me show you the NEW WAY businesses like yours use NEW TOOLS to decide on their group benefit plans.

  1. Spread Sheet – An employee worksheet. Ours focuses on the employee cost , we rate plans from lowest to highest cost. 
  2. Provider search tool –  We understand that selecting the right insurance company means nothing if your doctor is not in the network. Many group plans do not have the ability to let you know if your how many insurance companies your doctor is in-network. This allows  you to decide which has the best rates and coverage and allows you to select the Insurance Company that is best for you. 
  3. Automated Choice Profiler – It’s a gret way to take into consideration how often you visit the doctor, your out-of-pocket costs, and the doctors you want before making a selection. there is a series of questions that are going to be asked at the employee level beyond “what plan has my dotor?”
    1. Which plan cost me the least money?
    2. Which plan has my drugs?
    3. WHichplan is best if I’m pregnant?
    4. Which plan is best for a major procedure?
    5. WHich plan is best if I’m healthy?
  4. Online Enrollment – If yor looking for a more efficient solution to enrollment our online enrollment process od perfect for your groups, large or small. 
    1. Online enrollment process can be initiated in minutes.
    2. Full view of enrollment status
    3. Speeds up enrollment process and reduces missing information
    4. Dedicated phone support and committed to your group, employees and enrolled dependants.

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